Forrest Crossing Golf Course Scorecard

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Hole #1

The opening hole at Forrest Crossing Golf Course is a unique par 5 with water straight in front of the tee box and a hard dogleg left. This opening hole leaves you the option of either laying up with a wood or trying to bend it around the trees in the hopes that you find the fairway off of the tee box. Your second shot is a risk-reward shot as you have the option of either going for the green in two or playing it safe and laying it up down the middle of the fairway. With bunkers on the right side of the green and trees on the left your best option might be to lay up and make it a three shot hole.


Hole #2

The second hole is a short par 4 with an open fairway and a large green. The only danger to watch for is the large bunker that surrounds a portion of the front side and left side of the green. Even with the bunker in front of the green this hole gives you the perfect opportunity to get one back on your scorecard.


Hole #3

The third hole starts one of the toughest two-hole stretches at Forrest Crossing. With the Harpeth River on your left, you hit into an elevated par 3 with the prevailing wind that is typically in your face. There is a small pond of water on your right about 100 yards off the tee box, and anything left will most likely fall into the Harpeth River.


Hole #4

With the Harpeth River and trees on your left, this short par 4 forces you to lay up with less than a driver because of the pond surrounding you on the right and the water straight in front. Hit the fairway and the approach shot is straightforward to an open green.


Hole #5

Now that you are past the tougher section of the front 9, this straightaway par 3 is the easiest hole on the course, with no trouble to the right and nothing in front of you—it is a straightforward shot to a large green.


Hole #6

The sixth hole is a short par 4 with a slight dogleg left that goes back up to a slightly elevated green which is surround by two large bunkers on the front side. Long hitters can take a slight risk and be a pitch shot away or lay it right down the middle with an iron or a fairway wood.


Hole #7

Rated as the easiest hole, take advantage of this short par 4. With another large green and the only danger being the deep bunker on the ride side, this is the perfect hole to grip it and rip it due to the wide fairway. Bombs away!


Hole #8

The Front 9’s second par 5 is the toughest rated hole on the golf course, even though it is straightaway and has the widest fairway on the course. With large fairway bunkers on the left side, stay  right on the fairway off the tee box. With a long second shot and water surrounding the right-front portion of the green, play this hole in three shots and walk away with a well-deserved par.


Hole #9

The ninth hole is our signature hole with an island green. This is a short par 4 with fairway bunkers on your left and trees on your right and a difficult second shot, as you see nothing but the green surrounded by water.



Hole #10

A very slight dogleg left short par 4. With out-of-bounds on your left, favor the middle right of the fairway for an easy second shot to a large green.


Hole #11

A short par 5 with a wide fairway, most players find themselves on the green in two or with very short pitch shots. Remember, you still need to be accurate here because of the large pond going down the right side and the forest on the left.


Hole #12

This is a difficult par 3 with a long, straight uphill shot into a large green with bunkers surrounding the backside. It’s somewhat blind, which is why it’s difficult. The tendency here is to pull up on the shot, so remember to stay down.


Hole #13

As you begin the adventure over the historic Forrest Crossing bridge, this hole is another short par 4 with a straight dogleg left once you reach the fairway off the tee box. A driver is not needed, but a wood or 3-iron will get you the perfect lay-up to attack the elevated green on the other side of the river.



Hole #14

The final par 3 on the course, this is a very deceiving hole from the tee box; it looks close but plays one more club than you think, especially with the whole front side of the green protected by a large bunker. Miss the green left and you may find yourself in the high weeds; miss it right and you’ll find yourself on the fifteenth tee box.


Hole #15

As you approach this hole, you have two options: lay it up down the middle of the fairway or take a chance and fly it over the dogleg right bunkers and have a go at the green.


Hole #16

This is one of the tougher par 4’s on the course. The tee shot is to a wide-open fairway, but the second shot must navigate the river and through a narrow opening of trees that line each side of this very small green.


Hole #17

The tee box is surrounded by condominiums giving it the feel of a stadium. A straight drive is needed to hit this elevated fairway that is bordered by houses on the left and a drop-off to an adjoining hole down the hill on the right. Consider hitting an extra club as your approach shot will be played to a slightly up green bordered by bunkers on both sides of the green.


Hole #18

This unique par 5 is one where you have to island hop. Your first shot demands a perfect wood or a long iron onto the fairway on the left with nothing but water on the right. Following your tee shot you must hit back across the water to the next fairway, and your third shot into the biggest green at Forrest Crossing.

Champ54038519642118538440458336134593675062203892103904494005783509696873.6 / 12577.8 / 135
Back50334716238016435437153932731473504691663561693634163565033148629570.5 / 12175.6 / 128
Middle47331614133314132033250630128633224471393281433363553284762874573768 / 11572.9 / 123
Forward38727812426413525326443729924413143911133111153172792924382570501164.5 / 10869.1 / 114
Handicap5111331517719 18614816122104    
Par M/W543434454364534344453672  
Handicap7917515131113 16614818104122    

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